Agriturismo Il Lago 55020 Casoli - Bagni di Lucca (LU)

Dicono di noi

10/03/2011 - Rosemary, Manchester England
10/03/2011 - Mike, Renee, Matthew and Daniel Higlands Ranch, Colorado - USA
10/03/2011 - Francesco e Renata
 Nella serenità di un posto unico anche il silenzio parla di pace e amore. Un' incantevole cornice di un paesaggio incantato. Cortesia, semplicità e accoglienza. Torneremo presto!!
10/03/2011 - Valentin & Irina, Bucarest - Romania

 The dream place:                                                                                                                             

 the road that takes you up, the entrance in Agrilago with my favourite flowers, the stairs, the tables..the view, the pink armchair in the corner, the blue room and the view from the window, the people smiling everytime, the happy faces everyday asking you how you feel, the true meaning of hospitality, the breakfast with the deliciuos cakes, the silence..the slow and peaceful rhythm of life, the family feeling when you see Maria and the girls, the evenings reading in complete silence, the pool, the really old dog and the way Maria and the girls walk her up the stairs, encouraging her at every step.                     This is the dream place, so different from the world that it seems surreal. And yet it is very real. Agrilago este un loc simple si perfect.                             

23/01/2011 - Luca
14/07/2006 - Grace, Poland

 To Maria and the girls! Thanks for the hospitality and patience with our questions. Mam and I enjoyed our week here. What a special place!                            To the guests: we recommend taking easy and spending a few days by the pool. If you have to venture out, we recommend you Lucca; it’s a lovely city with great walls. If you’re hungry we recommend Bar Panini, in Casoli, they’ll serve you anything you want as long as its pasta (spaghetti o penne) with Ragù sauce, but we recommend also Maria’ s cakes!                                                                                         

12/07/2006 - Margaret & Xu Yuan, Honk Kong


-          Wonderful way to live! Beautiful place and pretty girls! Grazie.                                                 
11/05/2006 - Philip and Suzanne, Olanda

We had Agrilago for our home for three days and enjoyed it very much. The room, bathroom and the room downstairs are very pleasant and the views are superb. Breakfast: we even got a variety of cheeses when we indicated that we usually have a sweet breakfast. For us this place is a place to return. Thanks.                                          

07/05/2006 - Françoise, Nimes – France

Le hasard fait bien les choses! Quelle surprise agrèable! Notre dernière étape de retour termine magnifiquement les vacances. Merci pour le comfort et l’accueil, merci aussi pour le paysage splendide. Nous ésperons venir profiter plus longtemps de la montagne toscane.                                                                                                                     

05/05/2006 - Carline & Steve, Sweden & UK

The most beautiful and unique place I have stayed as yet in Italy, and the most welcoming of hosts in Maria and Anna. Il lago has everything needed for travellers, along with that special quality. It feels like home!                                                                     

27/04/2006 - Greg & Marlize, Worcester – South Africa We’re from South Africa, the Fruit Valley.

 We were on our way to Modena, saw the agriturismo sign and head up the sleep mountain road just to be surprised by a lovely old village: Casoli. The friendly old man down at the “Panini bar” gave us the direction to your place further up the cobbled street and we were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to stay over for one night. The view is just breathtaking.. and tonight we went to “Buca di Baldabò” for a take-away and home made pizza. I can’t wait to see the valley tomorrow morning from our lovely Blue room.     

 IL MATTINO SEGUENTE: we had a lovely and good night, enjoyed the special view first thing this morning and felt spoiled with a special breakfast. Thank you Maria.               

24/04/2006 - Monia e Luca

 E’ stata un’esperienza straordinaria: sembrava di essere in cielo! Tutto bellissimo e buonissimo, dal panorama alla colazione. Ottima struttura e posizione per una vacanza, seppur breve, rigenerante al massimo. Ci siamo ricaricati e soprattutto liberati dallo stress milanese. Ripeteremo sicuramente l’esperienza magari d’estate.               

20/02/2006 - Lorne & Iva, Lac La Biche, Alberta – Canada

Thank you so much for your hospitality! The apartment is wonderful, the view is breath-taking and your breakfast was delicious. The countryside is incredibly eye-opening for a family from Alberta, Canada. Good luck with your farm and your business. Ciao.                                                                              

03/09/2005 - Helen, Dan & Elias, Philadelphia – Usa

 Dear Maria, your farm is a dream. The pool, the tomatoes and mainly the chocolate pizza! We are very happy and relaxed and do not want to leave. If you come to Philadelphia we will tour you and show you all our most famous spots. Many thanks for your help and your kindness.                                                             

27/07/2005 - Annelot, Els. Laurens & Thierry, Buggenhaut – Belgium

 Dear Maria, thank you very much for your hospitality and your well appreciated company. We loved your breakfast with your home made pies, cakes and marmelades. Our children loved the animals and the swimming pool. We regret to go home, but we will recommend your “little paradise” to family anf friends! We will really loved your peaceful way of living that is inspiring for all of us.                                                                                        

19/07/2005 - Elvira e Leon, Genk – Belgio


-          Vi ringraziamo per averci fatto conoscere il bel paese di Casoli. Ci è piaciuto molto Agrilago: il silenzio, l’autenticità, la vista panoramica, la bella camera e soprattutto la colazione con i prodotti fatti in casa (marmellate, dolci..). Grazie per la vostra ospitalità e per tutte le informazioni. Saluti a tutti, inclusi ..Luna, Strauss e Biagio. Una settimana nel medioevo con il comfort moderno! Fantastico!              13-19 Luglio 2005
22/05/2005 - Luca e Beatrice, Verona

 I posti incantevoli, il sublime silenzio e la vostra squisita ospitalità ci fanno dire che sicuramente torneremo ospiti in questo vostro agriturismo. Non è da dimenticare la favolosa colazione che farebbe iniziare bene la giornata a chiunque. Grazie infinite.  

07/11/2004 - Francesca e Marco, Mantova

Grazie mille per l’ospitalità. Speriamo di poter tornare presto. Complimenti per le marmellate e la crostata!!                    

08/09/2004 - Michael & Angela Oxfordshire, UK/ Capetown, South Africa

Truly, an earthly paradise. To come here is to step back in time, and leave behind the pressures of modern living.. Thank you for your warm welcome, confortable accomodation and delicious food. We shall have to return. For our visit this time was all too short. Mille grazie .  

03/09/2004 - Francesco e Renata

Nella serenità di un posto unico anche il silenzio parla di pace e amore. Una incantevole cornice di un paesaggio incantato. Cortesia, semplicità e accoglienza. Torneremo presto!!

30/08/2004 -
  • Thank you for the wonderful pie and breakfast. The combination of the crisp fresh air and your great coding meant everithing great here! The surroundings are lovely, so the view from our room.      Jovanda & Howe – Indonesia     
  • My first time in Italy. I’m happy it started here! Nice people and dogs, tastefull breakfast, room with a view and a good calm atmosphere.      TUSEN TALLK!               Anne & Carl       Oslo-Norway
  • Excellent and stylish accomodation found in a idilic rural setting. Places to visit: Pisa and Lucca both confortably in one day. Places to eat: La Lira by the war memorial Bagni di Lucca. Sight to see: fire flies at nignt in the “ green house” garden here! PBG            Michael, Cheshire – England
  • What a beautiful place, breathtaking views. We had a great stay.     Piers & Laura     South Africa
  •  Thank you for your hospitality. We are happy our holiday started here. We will stay longer next time.       Helen & Thomas -          Norway
10/08/2004 - Mike, Renee, Matthew and Daniel Higlands Ranch, Colorado - USA
09/08/2004 - Alessio, Padova

 In questi pochi ma preziosi giorni abbiamo scoperto un luogo dove semplicità e bellezza della natura si fondono all’ospitalità delle splendide persone che vi abitano.. Sarà bello un giorno tornare alla ricerca di tutto ciò! Grazie mille                                            

05/07/2004 - Margaret & John – England
10/06/2004 - Carla and Bill Higlands Ranch, Colorado – USA

Grazie mille, il posto è stupendo, posso dire in cima al mondo, ma l’ospite lo batte. Voi siete persone con il cuore grande e buono che si riconosce dall’accoglienza sincera. Tante grazie ancora. Love